Lumen is a no-profit organization promoting education with innovative methodologies, a wise use of new technologies and equal opportunities. Its main field of activity is STE(A)M Education for children and young people from 6 to 14 years old and their teachers and educators.

Via XXV Aprile n. 14
41051 Castelnuovo Rangone, Italy

iED - Institute of entrepreneurship development

iED is a research organization, established in 2005, with a focus on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. The organization’s main activity is the implementation of projects under some of Europe’s most influential and groundbreaking programmes, such as: HORIZON 2020 and ERASMUS+.

iED Headquarters
Valtetsiou & Tripoleos
41336, Larissa, Greece


Fyxxilab (°2013) is the first educational Makerspace in Belgium. We offer workshops on a variety of themes: making, coding, experimenting and creating, using both digital and analog tools. We welcome everyone ages 5 and up. Our main focus is education, we aim to inspire schools to implement STEAM in all aspects of learning. We offer workshops for schools both during and after school hours, holiday activities, STEAM-toolboxes, professional learning opportunities for teachers and adults, lesson plans and a 'pop-up Fyxxilab' for everyone.

Krijgslaan 38, 9000 Gent, Belgium

European center of entrepreneurship competence & excellence

ECECE was established in accordance with Austrian national law through a founding team of four long-serving international experts from Austria, Italy, and the UK.ECECE is committed to the ‘Theory of Change’, which is defined as “the description of the sequence of events that is expected to lead to a particular desired outcome” (Davies, 2012). This means that they initially work with clients to define the current baseline. As a result, they co-create a vision of change through clearly defined objectives / solutions and then they help to co-formulate what has to be done to achieve the desired change. Finally, they think about the sustainability of the change that has been achieved. ECECE applies this process to individual or corporate situations

Karnburg Dellach 15 Klagenfurt Austria


A private school located in Larissa, including all levels of education, kindergarten, primary and secondary. Being pioneers in STEAM education, the school participated in 1995 in a global research trying to identify the best way forteaching math, physics and science. SXOLI KARAVANA scored first between 180 participating Greek schools.


In the Comprehensive 1 institute in Fiorano Modenese (Modena, ITALY)there are two Nursery Schools, a Primary School and a First Grade Secondary School organized on four buildings all located in the urban area of Fiorano Modenese. It receives pupils from 3 to 14 years old for a total of more than 500 kids. In the last years, the institute has requested and obtained various PON funding, both FSE and FESR, which have allowed to improve the basic skills of the students and the skills related to the STEAM education, to grow the educational offer, to retrain the technological and digital equipment of the institute. In the last years, the institute has chosen to commit many resources to promote a progressive methodological renewal capable of responding more and more to the needs and new learning styles of children. Starting from the learning environments, the tools, the materials, up to the training and skills of the teachers, we are engaged in a continuous search for what can be considered a new way of doing school that may respond as much as possible to the needs of all children. Creative ateliers have been set up in all our schools (including kindergartens), they work regularly and they allow STEM education to be used to improve learning in all disciplinary areas..

Via Niccolò Machiavelli, 12, 41042 Fiorano Modenese MO


Scholé is a private school based in Matosinhos, Portugal, offering preschool and elementary school levels.
Scholé follows a project based learning approach, supported by experiential learning, design thinking and playful learning methodologies. The learning projects are designed in a transversal way, covering all subjects and deploying the formal official curriculum through a design that ensures reflection, practice and theory and covers skills, knowledge, attitudes and values.
Scholé offers a modern and adaptable learning space. Scholé staff is expert in pedagogy and learning communities, and namely in new and innovative pedagogies many times seen as alternatives to the traditional school system.
Recently, Scholé was recognized as an Ashoka Changemaker School.

Rua do Godinho, 618
4450-147 Matosinhos
Porto, Portugal


Šiauliai Dermės School is the only school in Lithuania for students having large and very large speech and communication impairments. Our studentsare from 29 municipalities from all Lithuania. There are 112 pedagogues and 287 students. A school gives a basic education (primary and basic school, lower secondary) for students having special educational needs. School’s vision is a safe, open, constantly improving education institution following humanistic and democratic values in its work, improving of educational process differentiating and individualizing it; consolidation of children and students motivation rendering comprehensive special help for a child as for an educating person with his individual strengths and skills. School is providing unique learning needs based on children disabilities requiring a number of special education and related services, such as specially designed instruction, adapted materials, speech-language therapy.

Vytauto 235, Šiauliai 77178 Lithuania

"Bursa Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu"

Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education, headed by the Ministry of National Education, is a legal authority which is responsible for the educational issues in the region. In addition to a Head Director, there are 11 co-directors and a staff of 342 who work in this institution.


The Academy for International Science and Research (AISR) is a research centre and specialist institution in wellbeing practices including hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic psychology, mental health coaching and chronic pain reprocessing. AISR is an award-winning centre of excellence for STEM education, and Northern Ireland's first independent STEM institute. AISR provides a range of services, including STEM education-related services, STEM teacher training, online courses in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Psychology, mental health coaching, and chronic pain reprocessing. Additionally, they offer professional development courses (CPD) for Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, and Teachers in the Education and Coaching Industry. Moreover, AISR specializes in Curriculum Development for Businesses, Coaching and Mentoring Organizations, and Educational Institutes. They also offer Certification and Accreditation for Mentors, Coaches, and Coaching Organizations. Lastly, AISR conducts one-to-one sessions for coaching, hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Psychology, and chronic pain reprocessing. 

CoLab, Port Road, Letterkenny, Ireland