We have created an Education Toolkit, meticulously translated into the project's eight languages. This comprehensive toolkit consists of 15 workshops, each lasting one hour, designed specifically for students aged 8-14. These workshops are categorized as follows:

-Workshops designed for remote implementation
-Workshops utilizing computers or tablets
-Workshops utilizing basic STEM Kits (widely available in schools according to project partners' evaluation)

The Education Toolkit includes a comprehensive manual that explains the methodology, workshop cards, accessory cards for classroom activities, insights for teachers, ideas for further development and diversification of the workshops, materials lists, and any necessary preparatory work for teachers. To ensure its effectiveness, project partners will conduct training sessions for teachers on utilizing the Education Toolkit, followed by testing with classes.



The Assessment Toolkit is developed in the project's eight languages, enabling the evaluation of skills acquired through the Education Toolkit workshops by both teachers and students. This innovative toolkit employs gamification techniques to stimulate participants to demonstrate their skills, while badging adds substance to their achievements and encourages further skill development. A comprehensive manual accompanies the Assessment Toolkit, providing instructions for teachers on its utilization. As with the Education Toolkit, project partners will conduct training sessions for teachers on using the Assessment Toolkit, followed by testing with classes.



To facilitate effective implementation and replicability, an e-Platform is available in the project's eight languages. This interactive platform serves as a hub for all project materials and information, housing both the Education Toolkit and Assessment Toolkit as open educational resources (OER). Teachers and students can access the platform to explore the tools, access necessary materials, and gather crucial information to enhance their learning experience.